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BBNaija Reunion: Lucy, Kaisha React After Fight


BBNaija’s Lucy and Kaisha have reacted on social media after their physical fight at the show’s reunion on Thursday.

The fight was a result of Kaisha accusation that Ka3na disrespected her mother during a party they all attended.

She explained that her mom wanted a picture with Ka3na but she asked her mother to come to her table.

Lucy backed Ka3na on her defense and kept talking about the situation despite Kaisha’s demand that they stop talking about her mother on the show.

This angered Kaisha who then threw a pillow at Lucy, leading to a physical fight.

Lucy and Kaisha have now reacted to the fight on social media. Lucy wrote on her Instagram page;

When I tell trolls to stop testing me! Now y’all know why! I don’t have patience for rubbish! Ok good night!

And Kaisha wrote on Twitter;

if you disrespect my mum consciously or unconsciously you will see craze period!! My family over everything..

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