Badu Kobi’s Church Must Be Closed Down! Whoever Goes To His Church Lacks Common Sense – Avraham Ben Moshe Fires (Watch Video) – Pinax News

Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi, who doubles as the leader and founder of the Glorious Wave Church is in the news again subsequent to predicting the champ between Brazil versus Argentina in Copa America finals.

As indicated by the Man of God, his maker uncovered to him the winner and that will be Brazil. Prophet Badu Kobi gave the prediction last night before the main match itself.

He said he was giving the prescience early to show that God had a conversation with him but guess what, Argentina beat Brazi 1-0 to lift the prize in Brazil’s Maracana arena.

Badu Kobi after his first prophecy failed went ahead to predict the winner between England Vs Italy at the 2020 European Championship finals. As per the man of God, England will come out victorious but guess what, Italy emerged as the winner after it ended on penalty shootouts.

Some social media commentators have since taken to their various platforms to make a mockery out of the man of God claiming his prophecies are not true and are wondering if God indeed spoke to him as he claims.

Well, during a television show dabbed ”Bryt Extraa” on Bryt TV facilitated by Yaa Yeboah, Avraham Ben Moshe lashed out at certain acclaimed men of God who carry on with a luxurious life however encourage their individuals of the church to give out gigantic monies so they can appreciate wealth in paradise.

As indicated by him, these same men of God have bodyguards and very much prepared security canines to protect them at their various homes and different yet these men of God are selling their banners to their congregation all in the name of assurance against deadly spirits.

He further added that, any body who goes to Badu Kobi’s congregation lacks ”common sense” since they can’t reason as expected and acknowledge he isn’t from God as he is claiming.

He likewise added that any man of God who gives bogus predictions as indicated by the bible should be killed.

Checkout the video below;