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Badu Kobi’s Brazil win prophecy on Copa America final badly flops


 “Prophet” Emmanuel Badu Kobi, the Founder and leader of the Glorious Wave Church has been topical on various social media platforms after his prophecy on the final for the Copa America between Argentina and Brazil failed.

The Prophet in a video is heard saying that God revealed to him the trophy was going to Brazil instead of Argentina.

“For the match that will happen tonight which is between Brazil and Argentina, Brazil will win. Argentina will not win. Messi is part of Argentina and he’s a great footballer but the night is not for them, the cup is for Brazil. Brazil will win this cup that is what the Spirit of the Lord has said to me,” he said in a video that has since gone viral.

The Prophet in the video indicated that he was releasing the video early so that people will know that the spirit of the Lord is the truth and does not lie.

However, at the end of proceedings, the Argentina Men National team beat Brazil by a goal to be crowned Champions of South America.

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