Baby Mama drags Pope Skinny on for shirking parental responsibility

A baby mama of former radio personality and musician Pope Skinny has called out the musician for being irresponsible.

According to the Baby Mama whose name is given as Anita Baker, Pope Skinny has a daughter with her and has failed to take care of the child.

She said she has tried so hard not to expose the former rapper but things are getting tough by the day and therefore she cannot hold it anymore.

Anita Baker claims her parents take care of the daughter of Pope Skinny who has over the years been bragging about his wealth and influence on social media.

Her post exposing the rapper on social media read “Pope Skinny I have tolerated you for far too long i’m so sick and tired of your irresponsible attitude towards our daughter.You blocked me coz you think that will stop me from passing my message to you, well you failed. I have had enough of you frustrating my life and have been silent for along time. now I will do what I should have done along time ago coz you’ve proven to me that you will never change and act responsibly if it not about the law dragging u to take responsibility of ur own daughter Kayla you won’t do it. well I will show you the extent I can also go wen its about my child. Since u want the world to know about what is going on between us dont worry I will do just that. You threatened me before to take the matter to radio stations but now no, thanks to social media I no longer have to go there before my voice is heard, I will personally do it myself coz u have pushed me to this point and I’ve had enough of your insults. I have never done a live video but now I’m gone go live soon and tell the world how wicked you’ve been to me and the child. I have been calm thinking you will change and be good to us upon all the shame and humiliation you brought to me and my family I have been silence all this while…. no wait u still want my mum and dad to still be paying for ur own child’s school fees, buy her toiletries, take care of her medical bills and everything you are fully responsible for? you lie bad. I will come out and tell the world what the hell is going on and there will be nothing to hide anymore. You think you the only crazy person on the street you don’t know how far I can go jux wait and watch I will soon go live on facebook and I know u will get it anyways”.

Source: 2021