You know what they say- when two elephants fight it’s the grass that suffers.

Well, it’s about to get ugly between two elephants known for using their vituperative trunk to destroy anyone who crosses their path with or without any provocation.

It’s still Aisha Modi in the mix and this time around, she has picked the biggest antagonist to square it up with in the person of Afia Schwar.

Apparently, Aisha who claims she’s the spiritual protector of Moesha Boduong called out Afia for being a contributory agent to the current state Moesha finds herself. Aisha goes on to say she has pieces of evidence to pin Afia down if she dares her.

Listen to the audio she dropped below;

Also making waves on, Delay caught ‘E Choke’ star, S3fa unaware during the Delay Show by telling her bluntly that she is aware she has undergone under the knife in the Dominican Republic.

During the interview on the Delay Show, Delay whose real name is Deloris Frimpong Manso characteristically asked the Black Avenue Muzik frontrunner if indeed she has augmented her body with plastic surgery as the rumours flying around in the grapevine depict.

S3fa denied ever going under the knife but Delay put it to her that she went for the surgery in the Dominican Republic and even went ahead to mention the name of the doctor who performed the operation.

The singer whose aforementioned single is unarguably one of the biggest in Ghana now was stunned and confused at the same time after which she forced a smile and denied once again she has gone for butt enlargement surgery.