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Ayine Vrs Supreme Court not unprecedented – Kweku Baako drops facts


Editor of the New Crusading Guide, Abdul Malik Kweku Baako Junior has described the controversy between Dr.  Dominic Ayine and the Supreme Court as one that is not unprecedented contrary to other peoples’ assertions.

“We cannot be talking about unprecedented in terms of the nature of this case because there have been instances [Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko and Tsatsu Tsikata] similar to this case. Eventually, I’m told Gabby and Tsatsu’s case went alright to the General Legal Council, but it was not determined because the same judges who were on the panel of the election petition case decided not to proceed because it will further polarized the country since the election petition seemingly have polarized the country”, he pointed out

“The point I’m making is that we’ve had situations where references and comments have been made to the General Legal Council; we’ve not had very serious solutions to that. In fact even Amaliba’s case I’m not sure it was finally determined”, Mr. Baako said on an Accra based radio station monitored by MyNewsGh.com

He further said that “the forum was a Judicial Dialogue Review Series, Gabby’s was a Facebook wall post, the Tastsu Tasikata was a TV interview with my own friend Pratt on TV3.”

Mr. Baako Junior noted that the judiciary should allow constructive criticisms of judicial pronouncement or verdict since it augur well for our democracy.

“This forum I think is an appropriate forum that should enable and allow criticism of any judicial pronouncement or verdict. And I think within that context I’m prepared to be charitable, liberal and accommodating that perhaps the CJ’s thing is an overkill in my candid opinion especially when I hear that there were people who countered some of the things he [Ayine] said”, Mr. Baako alluded.

“Here was a situation where it was give and take, judicial decisions being subjected to criticism, which is normal, constructive. Generally speaking, I think we should be able to accommodate that situation and allow it to pass”, he added.

“The only difficult I have and I think Dr. Ayine should also have reflect upon; what he was saying, the little we saw here, the same thing he said almost took him to the court. You know my position on contempt, I don’t like it”, Mr. Baako expressed reservations.


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