Arrest and Prosecute people who used Ambulance to cart cement

A private legal practitioner and Professor of Accounting, Prof.  Stephen Kwaku Asare known widely as Kwaku Azar has reacted to the viral video of an ambulance belonging to the Government of Ghana been used to cart cement.

According to him, there is no way National Ambulances can be used for carting cement and therefore the laws of the country must work in this case.

He believes that perpetrators should be made to face the law and ensure that it serves as a deterrent to others.

“An ambulance should not be used to cart cement. Those who do so, against the law, should be arrested and prosecuted. Not just the driver, but whoever directed the driver to do so.However, I will be against burning the ambulance, notwithstanding that it has been used for unlawful activities.My reasoning is simple. Ambulances have no mind. It is the people who misuse them who should be held accountable.#SALL is the cardinal sin of the 8th Parliament.Da Yie!”

Meanwhile the Ambulance Service has in a statement indicate that the ambulance in question is not in their fleet because it was rejected on the basis of it been faulty and the supplier had to fix some faults on it.

Source: 2021