Some breaking news coming in from the Ashanti region indicates some armed robbers have attacked and robbed 5 gold dealers shooting 2 in the process.

The incident is said to have happened in a town called Motikrom in the Amanse South district of the Ashanti region where some armed robbers stormed the town to rob some gold dealers in the area of the possession.

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Reports indicate the robbers started firing warning shots when they entered the town before proceeding to rob the gold dealers. The reports suggest two persons were shot during the process of the robbery.

According to sources, the robbers attacked and tried to rob 5 gold dealers of their gold and some huge some of money but after 2 gold dealers attempted to resist, they shot them in the leg. The operation is said to have being successful for the robbers as they were able to made away with the golds and the money.

The two victims of the gunshot wounds has being sent and admitted at the St. Martin’s Government hospital Manso Agroyesum where they are receiving treatment but its revealed that one of them might loose his leg due to the nature of the gunshot wound.

Reports from the town reveal personnels’ of the police service arrived moments after the armed has left and is said to have scouted the area for the robbers for about an hour before they left the scene.