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Archbishop Duncan William’s Son ”Dee Will” Receives ”Hot Slap” On His Face From A Hot Video Vixen


Son of Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, Daniel Duncan Williams in an attempt to disgrace a video vixen who wouldn’t show up in his music video a few years prior flopped pitiably.

Dee Wills, who is quite controversial on the microblogging platform, took to the stage on Friday, May 14, to hammer the video vixen who dismissed his offer a few years back but showed up in King Promise’s most recent music video.

As indicated by Dee Wills, the video vixen is known on Twitter as ‘iamabrokwa’ and according to Dee Wills, she disclosed to him point-clear that she wasn’t permitted to shoot music recordings.

Quick forward to this week, the same video vixen tw3rked for King Promise in his last music video titled “Slow Down”.

But guess what, The video vixen was quite fast in replying Dee Wills with regards to the stamement she made some hears back.

This is what she had to say;

”Dear I’m sorry if I said ”WERENT allowed” I should have said plainly ”I won’t do”… so I’m in my house come and beat me. I shoot for who I wanna… if you don’t get it sorry.. sorry God is Amazing.. we made it.. we been making it”.

Checkout the screenshot below;



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