Apparently Dr. Kwaku Oteng Bought A 5- Bedroom Storey Building +Brand New 4X4 Car For Akua GMB

Recall that we reported that the CEO of ABN and Adonko bitters, Dr. Kwaku Oteng bought a car and a house for his ex-wife Akua Amoakowaawhich went viral on social media.

The size of the house and the type of car wasn’t known but according to our sources the house is a 5-bedroom storey building and a brand new 4×4 car.

This is obviously more than enough.

Reacting to claims that Dr. Kwaku Oteng went back to beg Akua for a comeback, Afia Schwarzengger disclosed that the man bought the house and the car because of the children he has with Akua and not to compensate Akua.

She stressed that Dr. KKwaku Oteng will never beg Akua for a comeback after all that she did.