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Apologize To Alan Kyerematen Now! Ghanaian Pressurise Mutala Mohammed


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Mr Sarpong explained that Mr Alan from all past and present indications and by all local and international standards is a leader of unquestionable competence and character.

Member of Parliament for Tamale Central Constituency in the Northern Region, Mr Mutala Mohammed is in fresh trouble for describing the Minister of Trade and Industry, Mr Alan John Kwadwo Kyerematen as the most incompetent person to lead the New Patriotic Party in the 2024 general elections.

Mr Mohammed is reported to have claimed that “Alan Kyerematen is the most incompetent” and “Dr Bawumia will be declared Burkinabe by NPP.”

However, scores many Ghanaians, members, supporters and sympathizers of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) have taken Mr Mohammed for making such unguided comment against Mr Alan Kyerematen just to destroy him because he is nesting his boots to contest the flag-bearer position for the NPP in the 2024 general elections.

The latest to join the criticism on Mr Mohammed is a staunch member of the NPP who doubles as the former NPP parliamentary aspirant for Afigya Sekyere East Constituency in the Ashanti region, Mr Barima Sarpong

Fuming with anger, Mr Sarpong who is also a member of the Ashanti Regional Communication Committee for election 2020 stressed that it is quite obvious that Honourable Mutala Mohammed has misfired without due consideration for the choice of propaganda, saying that “May he do it right next time.”

Calling on Mr Mohammed to render an unqualified apology to Mr Alan Kyerematen, Mr Sarpong noted that this spurious and unguarded claim by Mr Mohammed comes as no surprise to discerning Ghanaians who are very much aware of the NDC’s aggressive quest to wrestle power from the New Patriotic Party come 2024.

“I think we can only expect a worse form of such baseless and unprovoked attacks. I am however worried that a lawmaker of the stature of my brother Hon Mutala could slip so comfortably into mischievous mudslinging and tribal bigotry with no regard, whatsoever, to verification,” Mr Sarpong who is Sociologist, Political Scientist, Development Communication Specialist and a law student stated.

Speaking in an interview with Soireenews to reply to Mr Mutala Mohammed, the NPP young politician stated that “I believe in our national discourse and campaigning towards election 2024, even at this early stage, principles must be preferable to propaganda, national interest to sectorial/personal interest, honesty to dishonesty and, political correctness must supersede loose talk.”

He argued that Mr Mutala must hear and keep forever that Dr Bawumia is our cherished Vice President who the NPP has honoured as a running mate into major general elections on four consecutive occasions

In the process, according to him, Dr Bawumia has risen to the second most important and powerful office of the land and our party has supported our Veep all the way. He is not a disaster! He has in fact proven his worth.

“Out of eight general elections since 1992, seven of the presidential tickets of the New Patriotic Party have featured non-Akans particularly patriots from the northern part of Ghana, where Mutala hails from as running mates.

“These are; Hon R.I Alhassan, H.E Alhaji Aliu Mahama and H.E Dr Alhaji Mahamadu Bawumia. Unlike the NDC, we have and continue to hold the position of the Vice President in high esteem and forever relish these stalwarts,” he added.

He stated that Mr Mutala must up his game if he wants to be accorded seriousness. What absurd thinking could make him conclude that Dr Bawumia would be declared a Burkinabe because he is a non-Akan?

According to him, this is ridiculous and not befitting of his status as a member of the august House of Parliament.

He fumed that such tribalistic comment should never be attributed to a person of the calibre of Hon. Mutala

For his copious attention, Mr Sarpong noted that Mr Mutala must be told that the NPP is the all-embracing party as reflected at all times and at all levels of the party structure.

“Mutala must abreast himself with the tradition and history of the party instead of engaging in groundless and hollow claims as attributed to him in his latest tirade.

“In selecting our national executives over the years, the NPP have happily selected and/or elected countless non-Akans who incidentally contested Akan candidates and won.

“Clearly, consciously or unconsciously, the good Patriots of our party have preferred non-Akans to Akans based on considerations that are superior to tribal and ethnic factors. Just to refresh the memory of Hon Mutala on non-Akans who have held various national executive positions in NPP, I wish to mention a few among the many as follows; Hon Mustapha Hamid, Alhaji Bambah, Hon Anthony Karbo, Hon Otiko Djaba, Paul Afoko and Madam Rita Asobayere,” he explained.

According to him, Mutala’s comment on Mr Alan Kyerematen is a weird misfire.

He further explained that Mr Alan from all past and present indications and by all local and international standards is a leader of unquestionable competence and character.

 Source :sn24news

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