Media Personality Afia Schwarzenegger has called Van Vicker, Ayisha Modi and others liars and clout chasers for claiming they have been checking up on Moesha

Moesha Buduong has been trending for sometime after the Big Time lay Queen revealed that she has repented and taken the Lord as her saviour. She also revealed that she will no longer go back to the World and do Worldly stuffs like some of her colleagues.

However a couple of days ago, A video of Moesha looking very dirty and preaching the word of God to people who had surrounded her surfaced online and according to report, she tried to kill her self but was saved by those who were around.

A lot of celebrities took to their social media handles to wish her well and some even claim they have been in communication with her. Media Personality Afia Schwarzenegger however claim its false and that all those who claim to have been in contact with Moesha are liars and clout chasers.

Well we cant wait for Ayisha Modi and Van Vicker to reply her since they revealed they recently contacted Moesha and she is doing better now.

Afia Wrote; Anyone that says he/ she spoke with Moesha is liar n shouldn’t be taken serious..chasing stupid Clout!!!!