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Any Pastor Who Fights Another Pastor Isn’t Matured – Rev D.Y Donkoh


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Counselor and Reverend Pastor D.Y Donkoh has opined that Pastors who fight colleague pastors are either not matured or not in their right senses. He said this in an interview with Abena Ghana on the Journey show on Adom TV Sunday evening.

Rev. Donkoh was of the view that these pastors who fight colleague pastors on social media are either psychologically, spiritually, or mentally not okay as unity is a relevant tool in the progress of God’s work.

The professional marriage counselor and Head Pastor of Royal Believers Ministry(Wisdom Palace) made a biblical example with John the Baptist and Jesus Christ. The two never fought in any way. At a point, John the Baptist had to go down for Jesus to continue John’s journey. He said

Reverend Donkoh further shared his story on the Journey show about how he started life from childhood till his entry into the ministry of God.

He revealed how he had to face life after the loss of his Dad. There were times I had to pound fufu before I could eat. I would pound fufu from one house to the other and get in return fufu with varieties of soups. He said jokingly.

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Rev. Donkoh further spoke about his journey as a man of God and how God has used him to impact the lives of his audience especially the Youth.

“I have never heard the voice of God calling me to come and do his work, I must be honest with you. But my work as a minister of the Lord was prophetic. The prophecy came even before my birth.” he said

Rev at the tail of his interview sent words of wisdom across to young people and ministers of God.

As young people, our prime focus should be on our dreams. Just focus on your dream. Sometimes you may fall but shake off the dust and decide that you will reach that goal you put your mind on.

Another thing is self-control. Young people need self-control. If you cannot exercise self-control, trust me you are going nowhere.

Rev D Y Donkoh took social media users and tv screens by surprise with his unique style of teachings and preaching. He has been to almost all the reputable TV stations, radio stations and major public platforms in Ghana.”


The Journey is a television show hosted by Actress and Entrepreneur Abena Ghana that airs every Sunday evening on Adom tv

Watch the Full Interview Below:


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