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Angry Ghanaian Lady Sends Strong Message To Nana Addo


A young Ghanaian lady has sent a strong message to the president of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo.

The angry lady took her time to lament over recent happens in the country and also shared her thoughts about how hard things are in the country currently.

The video has really gone viral and the lady has seen and heard speaking her heart out. Watch the video below;

Social media users who have seen the video have reacted to the video and here are some of the reactions.

@GKofiAmoah – Pathetic and if it’s possible renting a Prez from where we rented a jet, we should give that a try.
Sweat is all over monkey but the hair is deceptive for u to think everything is fine.

@iamjonasson – The small momo business we dey do self, them dey come tax us 10% on our commission effective 1St July, ow! Ghana why why

@oozyswonzy – Loool… So ne krakra ne s3n??? Did armed robbery started in this country just yesterday?? If she is hard enough to also go and people why is she wasting her time?? Which government has ever come to cure poverty or brokeness in this country before?? Ghanaians will shout things…

@ghfabio22 – President no go see this ooo, he is paying someone to come and count us when we no get money

@AqwesiSunday – You can see people are tired but most can’t say it cuz they’re ashamed of this government. Youth put some much believe in Nana Addo but the outcome is worse than every government. Everything is high but income is less then even your monthly tnt. How can we survive?

@NiiDarku – Touching message from the depth of her soul. If it continues like this, things will get out of hand. This Government use of this pandemic to suppress the voice of the people will not work at the long run!

@___NeGUs – This pain they always see this but they care less, the police I don’t really have problem with them most are against what’s happening but they have to respect a lawful order first

@4GadBless – People are fed up. The faith the youth had in this president has been sent down the drain.


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