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Amerado finally reveals relationship between him and Delay


Rapper Amerado and Delay

The dust seems to have been settled as Ghanaian Rapper Amerado has finally disclosed how his enviable ‘friendly’ relationship with celebrated Ghanaian broadcaster Deloris Frimpong Manso started.

The rapper, speaking on the ‘Ryse N Shyne’ show with NY DJ on Y 102.5 FM, disclosed that he initiated a conversation between himself and Delay after he made an appearance on her show and quizzed her on the Ghanaian entertainment industry and how he could rise to prominence.

“Delay is one lady I admire, after she reached out to me for the interview, I started chatting with her, asking her questions about the industry and how to go by my ways to be prominent. That was how come we became good friends,” he said.


He added that he liked and was enjoying the radio and social media conversation about himself and the celebrated broadcaster and did not want it to end anytime soon.

“I like the conversation about myself and her and I want it to keep going on, it’s all part of Showbiz and the entertainment industry”, he said.

“Delay admires me and is just supporting my career”, he remarked.

Amerado and Delay for some time have been on the lips of many Ghanaians and netizens after some videos and pictures of the two started circulating on social media. Despite the numerous clarifications made by the two both on social media and in interviews, the two are believed to be in a strong sexual relationship by Ghanaians.

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