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Amberlynn Reid weight, net worth, relationship, family


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Who is Amberlynn Reid?

Amberlynn Reid is a popular YouTuber from the United States that uploads a variety of vlogs. She is best known for her mukbangs and weight loss vlogs. She and her girlfriend, whom she has dubbed “wifey,” are currently live in Kentucky. Wasabi (a cat), Rarity Gray (a cat), and Twinkie-Star are her three pets (dog). At the moment, she uploads a video every other day.

In the United States, Amberlynn Reid is one of the most contentious people. She is a plus-size model and a social media sensation from the United States. She has many viewers of her mukbang videos.

Amberlynn Reid family

The YouTuber was born in Key West, Florida, on December 27, 1990. In 2022, she will turn 32 years old.

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Amberlynn’s parents are Kristine Reid (mother), however she hasn’t revealed anything about her father. The names of Reid’s two brothers, an older and a younger brother, remain unknown to the general world.

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In front of Reid and her brothers, her drug-addicted parents would fight and argue. At the age of 8, her parents were taken away. She ultimately spent time in several California foster homes.

At the age of twelve, her parents took her home. She was able to enroll in Brown Mackie College in Tucson, Arizona despite her difficult upbringing.

Amberlynn Reid weight

She carries about 235 kg at the moment. She is 42 inches tall.

Amberlynn Reid weight, net worth, controversies, hometown, family

Amberlynn Reid career

Amber launched her YouTube channel on September 17, 2011. We’ll see where this leads me, read the description of the channel she made. Sign up to view.

She currently has more than 105 million views and 185k subscribers. Nervous + Awkward + Weight Loss Vlog was the name of the first video she posted online. Her fame came as a result of the video’s rapid growth in popularity. She started posting videos about losing weight. She afterwards began performing mukbangs.

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One of the most contentious American YouTubers is Amberlynn. This came about after her followers saw the exact opposite of what they had anticipated from her program. People who initially subscribed to watch her weight loss journey were upset by her mukbang videos. Although it wasn’t her primary goal, many of her viewers and supporters observed that she had put on extra weight towards the beginning of her channel.

Amberlynn Reid net worth

Amberlynn’s contentious videos have helped her become well-known. Her YouTube videos are getting more views and subscribers. The YouTuber has not made her yearly earnings known, although it is thought that she has a net worth of about $4 million.

Amberlynn Reid relationships

She shared a home with Krystal, her ex-girlfriend, and her parents in 2018. From 2011 to April 2015, they were active. Amber relocated to Florida with her ex-girlfriend Destiny after Krystal dumped her. Due to issues involving Destiny’s mother, Amberlynn and Destiny relocated to Kentucky in June 2016.

They were with that side of the family quite a bit. The breakup between Destiny and Amber happened on January 13, 2017. Later that year, Amberlynn and two of Becky’s friends, Eric and Ricky, moved in with her ex-girlfriend Becky.

Amberlynn still lusted after Destiny despite being in a relationship with Becky, but Destiny did not share her feelings since she had moved on to Dana.

Becky proposed to Amber in February 2021, and the two became engaged. However, they both revealed in a livestream titled “we have something to tell you….” on June 29th, 2021, that Becky had split up with Amberlynn.

They admit that their split was caused by the fact that neither of them thought they had the right support structure to help them in their own journeys toward weight loss and mental wellness. But in August, two months after the breakup, Amber had already found a new partner she calls “Wifey.”

Amber said that Wifey does not feel comfortable appearing on camera, hence she is currently unidentified.

However, lately Wifey has been quiet (rather than chattering in the background like she usually does), and many believe that she has returned to her home state after leaving Amberlynn.

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