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After Girlfriend Had An Affair With Boyfriend’s Grandfather, He Finds Out That His Son Is His Uncle (VIDEO)


A man couldn’t bear the shocking revelation that his son was really his uncle after finding out that his girlfriend had been having a romantic affair with his own grandfather.

According to the man whose Tiktok username is @stacks1400, while he was living with his girlfriend, she was reportedly having a lovey-dovey relationship with his grandfather.

In a video making rounds online, he said;

“Found out my son was really my uncle. My granddad was f***ing my girl the whole time we were staying with him,”

The man shared the video with the caption; “Can’t believe I expected more from a man that had a whole other family around the corner from my granny house.”

The video instantly went viral on social media, with people consoling and supporting him.

When he was questioned, he discovered that his girlfriend was cheating on him. He said that he had picked up his girlfriend’s phone while she was in the shower, and their “kid” was playing with it, and discovered years’ worth of texts, images, and explicit material.

In another video, he stated that he would continue to treat his “son” as his child and that their connection would not change since he discovered his girlfriend’s affair.

Watch Video Here;


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