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Afia Schwarzenegger calls out Kofi Asamoah, KOFAS for lieing about Moesha Situation to the Media – Pinax News


Loud Mouth Media Personality Afia Schwarzenegger has called out Moesha Buduoong’s Manager Kofi Asamoah after he lied about Moesha’s situation during an Interview.

According Afia, Kofi Asamoah lied when he said he has been in contact with Moesh Buduong after a video of her surfaced online when she tried to commit suicide.

During an Interview on Peace FM, Kofi Asamoah popularly known as KOFAS revealed that he has been in constant communication with Moesha and that he was even present when she sold her Range Rover Evoque to an Artist who’s identity they are trying to hide and very close to EFYA.

He also revealed that the Range was not sold for $15,000 as people are circulating. Moesha’s close friend Afia who felt KOFA was not being truthful during the Interview, called him out.

She wrote: Kofi,
The least you can do is to be honest in your submission…(lying won’t change anything,)
Have you called to check on Moesha??
Who did you call??? Enough of the mouth service…be a real friend or keep quiet.
People that truly cares are not jumping from platform to the other spewing lies.
Stop chasing away helpers n atleast check on your friend.
Good day.

Ps: anyone that says he/ she spoke with Moesha is liar n shouldn’t be taken serious..chasing stupid Clout!!!!

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