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Adu Safowaa Explains How Demonic Rich Man Swapped Moesha’s Soul With Death


At this moment, Moesha Bodoung’s followers and friends must combine head and put prayers into her life, because she has a rough time fighting satanic spirits.

Shocking information is only coming out that the soul of Moesha is tormented when he contacts a demon.

Adu Safowaa has said that Moesha has slept with a rich demon who swaps his soul for death, a controversial media figure.

Adu Safowaa observed that when she encountered that evil man, Moesha was meant to die, but misfortune said no. God spared her.

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Supposedly, death haunts Moesha Boduong, and if she is not delivered or led, she is likely to hurt herself or attempt suicide.

She wrote and as a caption,

She came across a Business tycoon that not human and had something to do with him…. ( kindly note that, No blame game here cux We all ain’t virgins and ve our dirty skeletons).
The Man exchanged her soul with Death but #JESUS and #mercy said NO. People close to MOESHA should be attentive, monitor her movement, stay close pls …. I prayed for her this dawn and I will do always.
All should remember her in prayers. It deeper. DEAR GOD, pls help us ALL

See post below:

Unfortunately, according to rumors this morning, Moesha has already tried suicide. According to accounts, she attempted to commit herself by leaping from a multi-story structure, but she was saved by four manly guys.

Moesha went on to spread the gospel on the street after that event, as she was recorded discussing her previous experience with several Ghanaian youngsters and urging them to devote their lives to Christ.

Moesha has also revealed that she has given virtually everything she owns away, including her vehicles, house, and everything she owns.

Thus according to her, she now uses uber and trotro and has no money in her account.

According to an unconfirmed social media allegation, she bequeathed all of her possessions to her pastor.

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