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Actress Uche Ogbodo Attacks Those In Joyless Marriages, Replies Critics


After she spoke about those in “rubbish” marriages with zero happiness, popular thespian Uche Ogbodo received a barrage of abuse and condemnation from netizens.

Many social media users slammed her for making this statement, claiming that she was trying to defend her baby-mama status with the post.

In response to many comments, Uche Ogbodo stated that the truth must be presented regardless of the opposition. She revealed that many ladies come to her DM every day seeking advise on their unhappy and discordant marriages, which is why she made the statement previously.

See previous post below:

Reacting to the blasts from people, she wrote:

“They are Roasting Me On Instablog because I’m Speaking Hidden Truths 

“Society, Poverty , Peer Pressure, E pain them , etc have Driven a lot of People Into Joyless Marriages and Relationships. Where is the Lie in this?

“Only Me know the amount of “ PLEASE SAVE ME” messages I receive in my DM from Women who are tired and want to be Free but don’t know how!
Ok oooo! CRUCIFY ME, but truth be told , I feel all your Pains but I don’t have Answers to your numerous Questions in my DM.
Only God Can help Us most times when we refuse to help Ourselves. #peace”

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