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Abdul Hayi Moomen calls for quality investment in the human resource in the media


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Renowned journalist Abdul Hayi Moomen has defended the record of Ghana’s media, arguing that whereas not much has been given to the media, much is expected from media professionals given rise to the incessant criticism of Ghana’s media.

The media has come under repeated criticism from multiple quarters to the effect that it is not living up to expectations. But Mr Moomen has opined that the output of the media is commensurate with the investment it gets. He explained that not much, for example in terms of training and remuneration has been given to the media yet people expect the media to deliver much.

For him, rather than just blame the media for not meeting expectations, it is imperative to examine the causes of the inability of the media to deliver.

“Often, it is said that to whom much is given, much is expected. Unfortunately, not much is given to the media (in many respects, especially remuneration, training, etc) yet much is expected of the media.

If we have fallen, other than blaming where we fell, can we pay a little more attention to where we tripped?

These days, almost everywhere, I find people blaming the media for selling their conscience, for being substandard etc. The question is “why are the brilliant people not joining the fold to make it better? Why do those who gain valuable experience leave especially when their services are most needed?” He wrote on social media.

Mr Moomen’s comment on media seems to be in reaction to recent criticism that the media has failed to hold the Government of President Nana Akufo-Addo to account as people had expected. The media continues to be accused of corruption and not being professional enough as the Fourth Estate of the Realm

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