A grandmother, who has been selling her granddaughter out as a sex slave, has been apprehended, alongside men who sexually abuse the minor.

A group of vigilante in Imo State identified the shabbily looking girl galivanting around and began interrogating her.

Recounting her sad experience, the little girl accused her grandmother of giving her out to a man she identified as Miracle, to spend the night with.

She led the vigilante group to the house of her ‘client’ and he was apprehended. He confessed to the crime.

The little girl said Miracle “uses her” each time she visits his shop. She went on to give graphic description of what he does each time she visits.

She further disclosed her grandmother collects between N1000 – N5000 (approximately GHS 15 to GHS 20).

On the frequency she is given out for sexual gratification, the little girl answered “everyday”.

The little girl disclosed that she stays with her grandmother because her mother lives in Lagos.


Source: Adomonline

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