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2 daughters of struggling widow crippled after “spiritual attack”


It’s the dream of every mother to see her offspring doing well in life; both in health and overcoming the challenges life throws at them.

But the story of Janet Abotsi is different and worrying as she has to see her two daughters struggle with their lives; both their health and even with the challenges life throws at them.

Located at Atulbabisi a suburb of the Upper East regional capital, Janet Abotsi who sells Yam and Koose to put body and soul together has had to struggle through life with her children Paulina and Ayine who are all crippled.

Janet Abotsi tells me she believes her children’s predicament is spiritual because they were once healthy and going about their normal duties. 

Narrating what happened to Paulina, Janet Abotsi said she took Paulina to the hospital when she fell down for the first time after seeing a black snake but the hospital told her it was spiritual and not a medical issue.

“Paulina started crying and was saying to me see a snake, see a snake, I turned around and I could not see any snake. Then she fell down and did not walk again. I rushed her to the hospital and they said it was a spiritual problem, So, I took her to Fountain Gate Chapel and they prayed for her, she was able to walk. One day, I went to my father’s house and I came back home, only to see her standing outside the house, and looked so scary. We took her to church again and they prayed for her and immediately she became weak and got paralyzed till today.”

For Ayine, Janet Abotsi indicated that she went to Church to dedicate her child to God and after the service, she fell off and has since not been able to stand on her feet to date.

“Ayine could walk but someone took advantage of her and that got her pregnant. When she gave birth she decided to go to church and at the service, she fell and that was it. She was carried home and since then, she has not been able to walk,” a teary Janet Abotsi narrated.

The family of three share a single makeshift structure which is a death trap but worrying is the fact that when Janet Abotsi their mother is out selling and the crippled ladies are left home alone, they have to attend to all nature’s call on themselves inside the room.

Janet their mother confesses of struggling in life with her children as the Yam and Koose business is unable to feed and cater for their needs and even seek care for the ladies who could have been an asset for her.

For Janet Abotsi and her two daughters, life will continue to be sour as they have no one to look up to. Until help finds them, they take solace in God’s protection and hope for a brighter day.

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