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100 Metres As Slay Queens And Party Gbee Guys Run Whiles Police And Soldiers Storm Massive Party At The Basement, Kumasi City Mall


The much talked about ”Cast E Choke” party which was scheduled to take place yesterday, April 24, 2021 at the Basement, located at the Kumasi City Mall happened live and colored and guess what, the party was well attended by hundreds of people across the country.

There was a lot to drink, singing and dancing between the young men and women were all captured on camera. In fact, the crowd was indeed massive.

Checkout the video below;

According to report, things were working out in a good way until the gathering was raged by a joint team of formally dressed police and military men. Report has it that the team was there to upset the gathering.

The presence of the military men sent shudders down the spine of the party gbee’s as they run to avoid being arrested.

It isn’t clear why the party was raged by the military and police however it will unquestionably have to do with the disregard for the Covid-19 protocols which was directed the Nana Akufo Addo..

Checkout the video below;



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